Silicon Carbide paper

Re: My comments on Silicon Carbide paper being phased out, please add
the following info to the discussion.

We are expecting to find SC paper difficult to get in Australia
because 3M have stopped manufacturing here. The main users of SC
paper are the automotive repair industry, they are being
converted to Alumininum Oxide which holds its grit sharpness much
longer than SC. Unfortunately Alum. Oxide doesn’t wear down like
SC when used for lapidary.

Some SC paper is being imported from China, grit surface is good
but backing paper/adhesive is terrible, paper falls apart on
wheel if wet too much. Hopefully we will be able to source
supplys of good quality SC paper locally, otherwise I will
discuss importing from elsewhere at a latter date.

Re: Saw Lub, thanks people for your info. I’ll experiment
alittle to see which works best in a club situation. (You know
equipment only used 2 nights a week, left setup for months on end
without cleaning, being abused & expected to cut everything from
opal to agate. Novice trying to cut curves etc…)…


Mark Webb

Dr. E. Aspler
Managing Director
Ganoksin Jewelry Co.,Ltd.