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Silastic L RTV Silicone Mold-Making Compound

Does anyone know where the “Silastic L RTV” silicon mold-making
compound can be purchased? T.R. Hawkinson says he finds it at Stebgo
in MN. I checked there but they only sell wholesale which I do not
yet qualify for.

Is there anywhere else? I’d like to try the product out since it has
gotten such good reviews here on Orchid!

Best Regards,

Joe Bloyd

Joe, the best way to locate a distributor in your area is look in
the yellow pages under silicone sealers and mold material. You can
also run a search on the net for Dow Corning and get the web site.
They will send you a list of suppliers. The most difficult part is to
find a distributor that handle the 1lb size containers. I can supply
you with a couple here in Texas but the shipping cost will not be
cheap. Good luck . Frank Goss

Hi there, Try

Ellsworth Adhesive Systems
N117 W 18711 Fulton Drive
Germantown, WI 53022

I buy Silastic M from them and I love it. Regards, Klaus