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Signature for custom stamps

Hi, I am about to invest in a custom stamp with my name on it and
was looking for some input. I am wondering what people put on their
stamps: first name only, last name only, first AND last name,
initials? I know it is up to the person, but is there a certain
standard for what should be on it? I was told that I should put my
first initial and full last name, but my last name is common and I
like my first name (Vanessa Mitchell) more than just the initial
(plus there is already a VMitchell out there–Valerie Mitchell). OR
is it okay that two people might have the same signature on their
work? I am not planning on copyrighting the signature so how am I
to know whether or not someone already has this letter
configuration? From looking at a random piece of jewelry by Anne
Klein, which I’m sure is copyrighted since it’s a big company, it
just says AK. So does this mean that absolutely no one can use
these initials?

Vanessa Mitchell

Hi Vanessa, I too invested in a stamp last year. I used my initials
and placed my logo in-between them. I also choose the type of font I
wanted. If you look back in history I think almost anything goes.

Hi Vanessa - It would be nice to be able to include your full name
as a stamp on your work, but it might also be difficult to
incorporate the stamp on some small items. Not to mention the
potential difficulty in striking a long lettered stamp with perfect
results every time.

One suggestion is to design a logo based on your initials. In this
case it might be a stylized version of the letters VM which is a
unique and recognizable graphic image. (This is what I chose to do
for my own trademark using the letters MDS, you can see a small
example of my logo at )

You can use both the logo and your name in print on your business

postcards, and brochures, and use the logo itself as a trade mark
to stamp your jewelry.

Michael David Sturlin