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Sievert Torch


Dear Orchidians,

I am trying to locate parts for an old Sievert (Swedish) torch
which, according to Sievert, is no longer produced (picture
available upon request). The new versions are bulky and inelegant,
and relevant parts don’t fit my old handle. I have many heads for
these torches (Handle Models E3 and E4) which I would like to keep
using without having to switch to the new version. Have looked
everywhere for adapters, but it is apparently very nonstandard

Thus, I need either a little old store that has old stock lying
around, or a metalsmith with a Sievert no longer in use or who has
old, extra parts. I reckon the most likely place would be Sweden or
Europe…Are there any Sievert fans out there amongst you

Thanks for any leads.

Janet in Jerusalem