Sievert torch or equivalent

Hi guys,

Im looking to get a propane/ air (not oxygen) torch. There is one
that is called sievert, it comes with a pencil(or needle) tip and is
very good. The only thing it is made in UK, so there is a problem to
ship it to canada. Also, obviously i want to get the best price

Any suggestions? Thank you so much.

Sievert is in fact a Swedish firm.
Have made torches from the days of kerosene blow lamps.
There has to be an equivalent propane torch available in the USA.
Try heating/plumbing engineers
refrigeration engineers
Welding supply stores
and lead workers
supply houses
Its knowing how to ask the right question that solves the problem…

I am using sievert, with propane for the last 2 years and are
extremely happy with it, I have the Sievert with interchangeable
tips for melting, and small to large solder jobs. When you go on the

you will find agents in Canada and the US Sievert is by the way
Swedish not English


I also use a Sievert…bought it in Norway when I lived there and had
it converted to use the 1 lb tanks here. Had to buy a replacement
tip from the UK when it went bad. This is what I use for my filigree
work…it replaced my ‘Turner’ from around 1989…and Turner, I
believe, was bought out by Bernz-o-matic. The problem is, that both
Sievert and my old Turner, had exchangeable tips…something you are
seeing less and less of in the propane air torches…the tip that
comes with it is what you get! I would suggest searching
Bernzomatic’s torches at

and see if they have one that suits you, then search online for a
good price. I picked up a number of their very small tipped
propane/air torches on ebay a few years ago for about $25 each with
shipping on avg…but they’ve since been discontinued. The advent
of the hand held butane ‘pistol’ torches have made some of the
smaller hose torches get phased out, at least that is my theory. You
can also look at harborfreight…they do have at least one torch
with a hose that is propane/air…but I’m not sure if the tip might
not be a tad big…the tips are changeable, however, so maybe you
can find smaller ones?