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Sierra Pacific Casting

Hi Wendy, Sierra Pacific Casting is a very responsive and reputable
casting company. I used to use them when I did freelance modelmaking
in San Francisco. Their metal charges are comparable to other
casters and they sprue original waxes very cautiously to insure the
best/most consistent results possible. The turnaround is good,
especially if you are nearby and can pick up. Also, depending on your
needs, they can always figure out something to help you out.

They do the usual precious metals and also do base metals. They can
handle fairly large pieces, too. They can do moldmaking for precious
and base metal casting and you could keep your molds on file with
them if you wanted convenience. You can opt for absolutely raw
castings, pre-finished or finished. Your choice depending on your
needs and budget.

Gabe Sider, the owner, is a wonderfully nice man. If you contact
him, tell him hello for me.

Sierra Pacific Casting, Inc.
292 4th St.
Oakland, CA 94607

Donna Shimazu