Sideatrips from Tucson?

I’ll be in Tucson for 5 days and think 4 days of the show may be
enough. Does anyone have any ideas for jewelry related day trips?

Last year we went to all of the usual close tourist things like the
Desert Museum and so I am looking for something that may not be in
the local guidebooks.

We’re flying in and out of Phoenix, anything jewelry related that I
shouldn’t miss there?


Tubac is a good place to venture to… its about 30 miles south of
Tucson. It’s an old artist community with lots of quaint shops.
Not sure when you’re getting here, but there is an arts festival
starting this weekend.

Going East out of Tucson towards New Mexico is a place called
Dragoon. Check out the website…
There is an archeological research facility and museum there.

Helen Edwards
In the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity!!

I would suggest the “Heard” Museum. There is a number of exhibits
on old Indian jewelry — beautiful workman ship. Also, baskets and
dolls and about life as an American Indian

You can check out this link for more

Barbara McLaughlin

If you want to check out a beautiful town that’s loaded with
galleries, take a trip southeast from Tucson to a town called
Bisbee. Bisbee, AZ is an old copper mining town up in the hills that
was re-populated by artists, poets and other furry creatures back
in the 1970s, when the copper mines closed and much of the town was
vacated. Between the culture and the hilly terrain it is much like a
miniature San Francisco.

Some very gemmy copper minerals (like chatoyant malachite and
azurite, Bisbee Blue Turquoise, and gem chrysacolla) used to be
scavenged from the mine tailings back in the day, but Phelps-Dodge
has put an end to this practice and Bisbee is no longer the lapidary
source that it once was. Still, it’s highly worthwhile.

If you do travel to Bisbee, pay a visit to Will Estavillo’s gallery
while you are there- Will is a great guy and a fellow Orchidian, and
you will be glad that you dropped in.

Lee Einer

We're flying in and out of Phoenix, anything jewelry related that I
shouldn't miss there?

There is a Bead Museum in Pheonix (Glendale). I wouldn’t go out of
my way for it, but if you are bored…

Elaine Luther