Shuang Feng - Jewelry Gallery

Toronto, Ontario

As a jewelry student and artist, i focus on reflecting personal feelings,as well as social issues by utilizing metal in a wearable form mostly. i treat jewelry as a form of art, which communicates ideas and our attitudes towards life.

Materials: sterling silver Dimensions: 20mmx15mmx50mm

An expression of flowing water coming down.

Photo credit: shuang feng


Materials: sterling silver, copper, walnut wood
Dimensions: 45mm x 70mm x 80mm

The design expresses the gradual change of the environment-the expansion of barren land, because of human activities. Each elements-tree, house, and boatman, are designed to work as handles in order to move the layers. This moving gesture signifies taking away of the beautiful things we have in life, and deteriorating the pollution in exchange. The three stages are nature, what we have, and ourselves. We lose nature, then our possessions, finally ourselves as a species. The materials used here are sterling silver, copper, and walnut wood. Sterling silver symbolizes the valuable and beautiful aspects of our lives, while the oxidized copper gives the impression of disaster and desperation.

Photo credit: shuang feng

Flower Pot

Materials: sterling silver
Dimensions: 12mm x 12mm x 50mm

This piece expresses the joy coming from nature, and the wish to carry beauty around.

Photo credit: shuang feng