Shows out West?

Hello fellow jewelers,

I am going to be traveling across the country this winter and am
looking at applying to some good quality retail shows for the spring
out West before heading home East in late April. My work
incorporates antique patterns and symbols in three dimensional
highly detailed substantial silver pieces which average $300-600 for
necklaces and $65-250 for earrings, although I do have a line under
a hundred dollars at retail that does well as a gift collection. My
clientele is quite sophisticated and usually also wearing John
Hardy, Ripka, Yurman…and little old me that they discover on
Martha’s Vineyard.

I just got the Sunshine Artist show book but it is hard to guess
what shows might be good based on the limited info in the
guide.Looking for shows in New Mexico, California, Texas, Utah,
Colorado…or even midwest if there is a really good one. Any advice
from artists out there? Also any leads on galleries or stores I
should check out on the fall trip out?

Thanks for any help,
Beth McElhiney


The Cherry Creek Arts Festival is one of the top shows in Colorado.
Good luck. Thousands apply.

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan
Rocky Mountain Wonders
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Are you making all your work yourself? Show like Cherry Creek want
artist made work. Shows are taking applications now for next year.
Sunshine artist should point the way.