Shows in europe<INHORGENTA>

hello to all

Is enibody going to INHORGENTA Germany? And do you recommend it If so I
would like to meet some Orchidians there

thanks from Mario

Hi Mario;

I certainly will be going to the Inhorgenta show. It’s been ten
years since I was there last, but from the I could gather,
it is even better and bigger now. Highly recommended. There are two
hall reserved for tools and equipment alone, one big section on
designers and their wares, nine halls in all. For more info, go to (a German jewellery magazine, on the net in English)
and click on Inhorgenta. Hope you make it there. You should move
quickly on the accommodations question, though. There are two trade
shows going on in Munich at the the same time, so places to stay might
get snapped up quickly. I found some going through the web site to
the hotel directory. Works pretty well.

Michaela Wolfert