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Shows, Dealer Perspective

All, What determines success at a show? Success is determined by two
distinctly separate entities that are equally important. First of
all the show promoters has duties they must perform. The obvious
duties are the building safety, spaciousness, and heating or cooling.
Secondly how they advertise and who they advertise to is very
important. A room can be filled with customers, but if they are all
rockhounds and do it yourselfers you are going to have a very
difficult time selling them finished products. Therefore, the
advertising will determine a lot of what merchandise a dealer should
bring to a show.

I have dropped out of over 25 shows a year because the shows no
longer advertised to the customers that use my products. Most of the
shows I have dropped are club shows which treat the show as their own
venue to expand the hobby. I have very few rockhound related items
so the shows became unattractive for me. The shows I have kept are
shows which advertise to customers that buy finished products. These
clubs take a more business perspective in their view of the show.
They want to showcase the finished products of the craft to show
people that the products made by the people are very unique and high
quality. These clubs patrol the show and usher out persons trying to
sell out of their pockets or vehicle.

You as a dealer must make the distinction of where you stand a
chance for success. The show promoter often controls your success.
Look the show over very carefully before you sign a contract.

This weekend, 19-21 July we will be a dealer at the Flagstaff,
Arizona Gem & Mineral Show. This is one show I really like. Not too
big, a very nice mixture of jewelry, gems, and minerals. A beautiful
building, good security, and a very enjoyable club.

Gerry Galarneau