Shows/customers was: RE: Hand Made

whether the customers got out of the right side of the bed that
morning or if someone is going to blow the whistle and tell
them it's OK to buy. Sometimes it seem that there's a kind of
osmosis to sales - either no one buys or they all rush you at

I’ve seen that behavior, too! It’s really odd! Also, people
think that if there’s a crowd around, I have to go see what it
is! You could have the Shroud of Turin in your case, and if
nobody was there, you’d have a hard time attracting customers.
When somebody sees that somebody else is interested in, or
buying something, it must be good, and they don’t want to miss

It’s human nature… I just wish I could get a better handle on
it (like P.T. Barnum had…). I think pricing can be affected
by this, too! Price it too low, and people think it’s cheap.
Hike the price, and the perceived value increases, and people
will want it more. I think there’s a piece missing here that I
haven’t quite figured out, but I’m working on it!

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)