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Showrooms nyc

Hey, what,s goin on I Was selling my stuff on Madison ave a few
saturdays ago–I carve different woods, acrylic and wax for silver.
It is always entertaining to see all these wealthy women, that are
shopping at Gucci, Pucci and every other top clothing and jewelry
store, come up to me(at least some of them do) and rave about how
great my stuff is, but are usually on a hunt for real merchandise,
and rarely buy from me.

Anyway, a women came up and said,“you only sell on the street?” And
I said, “Why, do you have any leads for me to sell elsewhere?” So
she gave me her card and said to call her. She has an exclusive
showroom in prime garment district territory. I went there, showed
my stuff, and she wants me in there. For one thing, she is the
ditributor of Me and Ro jewelry,which is probably the top fashion
jewelry in manhattan right now, if you follow that sort of thing.
(some of it is allright, I guess as fashion jewelry goes). She was
going on about it, and it told her that I didn’t like it all that

MY QUESTION Does anyone out there know how a showroom makes money?
Does she get my price, mark it up some, then sell it to a store who
we all know marks up 100%,or does she mark up double and then the
store goes double also?

Our “pricing” appt. was blown off until after the new year, but I
told her that I would like to get it all done in time for show week,
which starts 1/7, because all my samples are made. I just have to
be able to handle the orders, if and when they come!

Just trying to get some reference knoweledge, before hand, if anyone
has any.


like reps and get a percentage of all sales placed in the showroom at
wholesale prices. Retail stores visit the showrooms and place orders
with the staff and you’re contacted with the order afterwards. The
percentage the showroom gets is generally 15%-20%, most are at 20%
now. Best have your wholesale price high enough to cover that and
still make some profit for yourself. Best of Luck. Showrooms can work
out really well sometimes, get the agreement in writing and make sure
you fully understand all their terms and conditions (like if you
decide not to work with them anymore, do they still get a commission
off the stores they got you for future orders?) Leda

soulwood, Friends of mine used to own a showroom in Manhattan. The
were reps for about 20 different lines of “fashion” jewelry and
accessories. I believe that they worked on about an 18% commission
that was added on to the designer’s price. They sold only to
retailers. I hope that this is of help to you.

Joel Schwalb

Congrats, that’s great! You should ask what the policy is. Usually
they keep 20% or more of what your price is as told. Big department
stores can possibly place huge orders so you may want to be prepared
for this, your price should be able to include jobbing out if a big
order comes and your price should be marked to include the skimming
of the showroom. Much success!

David The Chicago Merchandise Mart and the Chicago Apparel Mart
usually charge a percent of sales and some add in a monthly space
charge. Some have reps that will take it on the road for additional
sales in between market shows. To protect yourself, this needs to
be in a contract between you and the show room. Good Luck Terri

hi, i currently am a rep for a jewelry showroom in chicago, the way
it works is that the manufacturer, being you, supplies the showroom
with ample amount of samples, priced at the amount you want for your
pieces. she then shows your jewelry to all sorts of stores, at
shows, in her showroom, and on the road. she then takes orders for
the jewelry, faxes them to you, and you make and ship the goods
directly to the store. the store will then pay you, cod, cc, or
net30, what ever you perfer. they then will mark it up 100% or so.
when you get paid by the store, you give your rep, being the woman
who sold the store, a percentage of the sale. usually 15%. i hope
this helps bari