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Hi Charles;
Where in Orlando is ur show on Feb. 13-16?

Ralph Cross<@Ralph>


Where in Orlando is ur show on Feb. 13-16?

Hi Ralph, its at the Orange County Convention Centre. The JCK
number for more details is 1-800-257-3626. I’m in a demo section

‘Touch the Future of Jewery Design and Production’ and I suspect
it is really hard to get in unless you are a member of AGS, DCA,
NACSM or are listed as a retail jeweler or a wholesaler in JBT.
Thats a quote from the registration brochure and I’m afraid I
don’t know what the acronyms mean-perhpas the list can enlighten
us. In any case it looks like its hard to get into. You can
register on site if you can prove you make and sell jewelery or
wholesale it and you can call for details. Alan Revere will be
demoing as well. Charles

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