Show Shoes

I have a degenerative disc in my back along with two legs that are
different lengths so good shoes are very important regardless of
circumstances. So, the best shoes for me have been Naots (best
sandals!), Mephistos, Thierry Rabotin, Finn Comfort, and Taryn Rose
(most stylish). Birkenstocks were too wide for my feet. The Thierry
Rabotins are my favorites because they are wonderfully comfortable
AND stylish. They are not cheap but worth every penny! Good luck in
whatever you choose!

As the originator of the Show Shoes thread, I want to thank everyone
for the outpouring of responses. I am very pleased with the degree
of consensus-- I plan to get three pairs of great shoes so I can
rotate, and have already ordered a pair of Danskos from REI Outlet
(saving 47%). I’ll definately try Crocks-- who’d have thought?-- and
I’m excited about the New Balance because I can order them wide
enough to accomodate my bunions and with special inserts for my flat
arches. While I’m at REI, I will also try on Merills and
Birkenstocks. Z-Coils look very fascinating and wierd, but it is a
long way to the nearest store, so those will have to be a fall-back

And now, anyone else with this problem can find the solution in the
archives. Orchid is the absolute best, and I am proud to say I have
a contribution automatically deducted every month. Do you?