[Show] New Orleans Summer Bead, Gem, & Jewelry Fest

AKS Gem Shows
New Orleans Gem and Jewelry Show
Pontchartrain Center, Kenner, LA
July 20, 21, & 22, 2007

10:00 am until 6:00 pm Friday & Saturday
10:00 am until 4:00 pm Sunday

FREE Parking!

Gemstones, Jewelry, Beads, Collector carvings, Collector spheres,
designer cabochons, specimens, cutting rough, lapidary tools and
supplies, and lots more…

Retail admission ~ $5.00. Each paid $5.00 admission
will receive a $5.00 Off Coupon which may be redeemed
for merchandise with participating exhibitors.
Minimum purchase ~ $25.00.

Wholesale buyers enter free by pre registering online

More show Information:

Hope to see you there.

James Carpenter & Cindy Fowler
Unconventional Lapidarist

To you who are buyers:

As a New Orleanian and former attendee of this AKS show,and others
by the producer I can assure you it is not worth the cost of
admission in any way, nor the petrol to get there ! Except for the
air conditioning in the building,(and then,only if yours is not
working on the days of the show…)

To James:

Best of luck and good sales wishes. This is in no way directed to
you. The AKS producer(s) is lacking in the skills and direction to
put on a successful and varied gem and jewelry show to the advantage
of jewelers…It is more for the public as a diversion or
entertainment. The vendor fees are ridiculously high,wholesale is
virtually non-existent and there are no guarantees of any kind made
by the producer to vendors…I am hoping you are not traveling far to
sell there. If so, turn around now!,cut your losses at the beginning
and pull out with as much of a refund as you can arrange for (
unless this is one of the AKS shows that gives no refunds whatsoever
in any circumstance) ! Last year’s show at the ponchartrain centre
was sparsely attended and people had their FEMA monies to spend!
Vendors were all commenting on a guaranteed attendance that was not
accurate in any way or even remotely close to the figures
promoted…This year, there is nothing extra anywhere… except uptown
that escaped flooding,and was heavily insured anyway…but uptowner’s
tend to stay uptown…and a trip to the parish in summer would be like
a trip to the desert southwest!