[Show] MSJA Expo New York 2011

Are you going to Expo New York? What are you shopping for? Please
tell me!

Many of you know me as MJSA Show Management but did you know that I
am skilled metal smith and jeweler, too?

This year, I will be working at Expo New York and I will be shopping
for a few important additions to my new studio. I will definitely
purchase tools and equipment at the show so I must choose carefully.
I will try out tools at the show and check if they are perfect for
me… I will be looking for a Beverly or bench shear, a bullhorn, a
hydraulic press, and a few kilos of German red pitch. And I am sure,
some gemstones will find their way into my heart and studio…The
question is- What are you shopping for?

Please register at on the MJSA site under the Events and Expo New
York 2011. You will be as giddy as kid in a candy store!

You can also see the list of Exhibitors.

See you at EXPO New York!

Corrie Silvia