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Show info in Charlotte

Has anyone ever done Festival in the Park in Charlotte in September?
I seem to remember that someone did the One of a Kind in Chicago,
and wasn’t too pleased. Yes?

How about the Paradise City Art Festival in Fort Lauderdale in
January (Florida in January sounds kind of nice ).

Any suggestions for good shows in the South would be appreciated. I
don’t feel ready for anything at the Smithsonian/Philadelphia level;
but want more than the local festivals that are mostly what SC has.

Beth in SC

Hi Beth, I have a friend in TN who did the OOAK show in Chicago last
year, and while she didn’t give me specific details–only mentioned
it briefly on the phone, she’s busy tending to her sick daughter
right now–I know she was disappointed in it and didn’t feel that it
was worthwhile for her. As you know, I too am in the south and am
hoping you get some good responses to your post. Maybe we’ll see
each other at a show! I too am working on upgrading the type of
shows at which I exhibit. :slight_smile:

How about the Paradise City Art Festival in Fort Lauderdale in
January (Florida in January sounds kind of nice <g>). 

beth, one thing that sets january in florida apart from the other
months are the christmas trees at the curb. as to the paradise fort
lauderdale show, they send applications but the dates are bad for
me, it has been described as a high quality (& high space fees),
tough juried show. having done a lot of shows in the boca raton,
fort lauderdale, miami area - the money is down there. often you can
even take a bunch home with you if your work is innovative,
original, a stand out style, knock 'em dead elegant, and/or quirky.

give it a try -

Thanks! Ones I have been told NOT to do aRe: Sugarloaf, Paradise
City in Ft. Lauderdale (well promoted and run but lousy turn out for
whatever reason), and all the Events Management Group shows. The
Fall for the Arts in Virginia apparently was good, but may not be run
by the same people this year - some confusion on that.

I plan to apply to the Attalaya show at Huntington Beach State Park
in SC in the fall- I have attended that one, and as an attendee it
always is wonderful. Hopefully I’ll get in and it will be good as an
exhibitor also! Fairly high-end things, tourist area, long-running

I’ve also been told that Lazy Daze in Cary, NC is a good one.

Beth in SC