Show help? - Booth design - Side walls

Hi David, This is a very interesting requirement to have side walls.
One of the best ways that I have seen this done, so that it is an
easy transportable is to buy the metal pipe that is used for the top
railing of a chain link fence. This is much easier to handle than
the real “side posts” as it is a lighter gauge metal. The
connectors are available as screw together pieces of pipe. You can
then put together the frame in pipe with “T” type stands on either
end of the screen and fill in the center of the pipe works (picture
frame) with lattice work (found in the garden section) that comes in
panels… or use masonite board with holes drilled to accomodate
your fastener sizes or??? The lattice board can be attached with
hooks that hang up a shower curtain. Just hook them into the
lattice and then put it over the rail of the pipe. Check to see
that you have the correct size before you set up at the show. This
can also be attached with heavy duty wire or large plastic tie wrap
hitches as in what is used to hold wire (bundle) together. When
ready to break down, the curtain rings slip off or you can cut the
tie wraps off, break down pipe assembly and off you go… You
can if need be for weight, fill the bases with sand for extra
stability. You might also want to check the stability and include
sandbags or weights for the bases. A not too pretty weight is a two
liter soda bottle filled with sand… this will only last about 2
shows… but if you only need it for one… this is a cheap way to
get weight. Beth Katz