[Show] [Delaware] Origins, visited

Hi All

I would like to announce to Orchidians of my Solo show "Origins,
visited "at the DCCA in Wilmington Delaware, it is a sculpture
/object show in a public show space, if there were any orchidiansin
DE or close by that want to go see the show or want to go to the
Artist reception on july 23rd 5 -8 pm all are welcome. please do
so,it is a great Art exhibit space with 5 different large gallery
spaces. and also a craft gallery space that has been nominated for
best musuem gallery shop on Niche. they run group and solo shows by
jury annually, you can go to their site and find out more, the site
is thedcca.org thank you Hanuman

Hratch Babikian
Atelier Hratch Babikian