[Show] Bead and Bright-Cutting at Show Me

or all on Orchid to read, see, view! Mark these spots on your

I will be a guest speaker with Bradney Simon with “Bench
Jewellers-Show Me How” at the following cities, dates and hotels.
www.bwsimon.com/conference/showmehow. This is going to be one heck
of great seminar tour, trust me, we’re a real bunch of fun
guys…Jurgen Maerz-of the “Platinum Guild”, Chuck Koehler, Brad

San Francisco August 27th,
registration NOW!
"Doubletree Hotel S.F. Airport

Sept. 3rd,
registration before August 3rd,
“Clarion hotel and Conference Center”

Sept. 4th
registration before August 29th,
“Radisson Hotel - Cincinnati Riverfront”

Oct. 15th
registration before Sept. 15th,
“Holiday Inn - Intercontinental Airport”

The topics in all 4 cities will be “Bead and Bright-Cutting” and
also “Channel Setting”, with two seminars on each day.20 My “Manual
of Diamond Setting” will be also be available and a few extra
setting texts. If you tell to me that you are an Orchid20 reader, I
will reduction and make a contribution to “Hanuman & Orchid”…He
has earned this accolade…Gerry!


The Bench Jewelers SHOW ME HOW Seminar in Cincinnati is September
24th. Not September 4th as stated in the post from Gerry

For complete and to register go to

Brad Simon
Bench Media