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Should I get vacuum wax injector

YASUI VWI-1A vacuum wax injector

I know this machine is the older model because it is not the new
digital version which is very expensive. The person that gave the
machine to me said it needs about $500 of work done on it. He told
me the repair shop to take it to that quoted him $500. The person
that gave me it has passed away after he gave the machine to me and
I am just learning how to make jewelry so I asked myself do I put
$500 in the machine or buy a basic wax injector.

I would say yes, buy yourself a basic wax injector when you need
one. If you’re just learning to make jewelry, you don’t need one now.
But as a project and to learn to be a better jeweler (problem
solver) fix the machine your friend gave you yourself. Maybe this
will help:

Dear JD,

I have two of these machines and could not live without them.

They are not the digital units and could be twenty years old or so.

I bought replacement circuit boards for backup which are very spendy
and perhaps unavailable now days. The other backup part you may need
is the temperature sensor that regulates wax temperature. I have had
little problems with them.

They may not be necessary for basic wax injection. I use mine for
rubber, silicone and metal jewelry molds. The vacuum part is many
times unnecessary, but a must for many of the filigree wax pieces I
make and cast.

For basic wax injection I air pressure wax pot would be more than
adequate. I have never cared for the pump pot that has the wax shoot
straight up from the air piston; you can hit the ceiling with wax
with those units. But any of the air pressure wax injectors are a
standard form most mold injection.

You could probably sell it for the price of a new air pressure one
on Ebay. I also have a jewelry friend who is looking for one if you
decide to sell it. Let me know. Gesswein used to service them and
would be worth a call.

Best regards,
Todd Hawkinson