Shor Refining

All, I purchased the Shor Refining system that is advertised all over the
place I would love to hear from others about their results.I had a good
first batch.I had problems with the second batch.I use blue silicon
barrels and knife edge wheels on my foredoms at my bench.So I have a lot
of silicon in my sweeps.The manual and video says that Shors solution will
disolve such sweeps but I could never get their solution to dissolve my
sweeps after the first time.I called the tech line wich was very good by
the way and he told me to use pure lye to dissolve the sweeps.I almost
would feel safer using nitric.Anyway after using this system only a few
times my feeling is it works great for solid scrap but not so good for
sweeps.Now I have it sitting and have not used it in a year and will
probably have to replace alot of the componants.Any other feedback?

Happy Trails
Coyote Ridge Studio

I also purchased a Shore system a number of years ago, used it a few
times. I was rather disappointed with the results & that you never get a
full single batch processing. Haven’t used it in several years & likely
won’t ! I would NEVER recommend it to anyone. Mark Chapman

Mark: Sorry to hear that you have not enjoyed your Shor system. I
purchased one in 1994? When I had just a small trade shop. I am very
satisfied with the results. My system paid for it self the second time I
used it. I highly recommend the unit. You can call Shor for support,
Peter is extremely happy to assist you. I don’t know what disappointments
that you had? I have lost track of how many batches both large and small
that I have ran since 1994. No compalints as of yet. It is one of the
best ways to control losses in the shop and one of the most profitable, if
you are buying scrap and you do your own casting. We purchased a Wholesale
tool distributorship in 1997and now we sell the units also, I haven’t had
any complaints from any of our customers that have bought them either.

Charles Eichhorn, Pres.
D.L. Romey Company
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I remember years ago (maybe 12) when we bought the shor refining system. I
explained the process to the kid we had polishing and doing odd jobs in
the shop. He was doing just fine, until he picked up the large graduated
cylinder with the rubber cap on the bottom that held the solution with the
dissolved gold. You see he picked it up without putting his hand on the
bottom, the rubber cap popped off and all the gold in solution went on the
floor. We used it a couple of times after that, now it just collects dust.
I have used a refiner for a long time, he pays well for our scrap and has
given me great investment advice over the years. He is a wise man, not all
refiners are out to cheat you.

Mark P.

Charles, I want my Shor system to work I have a problem with large amounts
of sweeps from my the drawer of my jewelers bench.The silicon from the
grinding tools I use is very hard to burn away so I can melt the gold into
a solid bar that you need to refine with the system.Peter recommended lye
to dissolve the silicon before melting.Since you have had such good results
maybe you can share the secret to melting your sweeps.The solid scrap is
not a problem I have had good results using the Shor system with them but
the sweeps are a mess.