Shop Trolls

When I have to work on small things I work in the bottom of a deep
baking pan. That doesn’t always keep the gremlins from making things
jump out of the pan but it takes a very strong gremlin to lift it
over the edge.

One of the problems most of us have is that we provide all sorts of
stuff on the floor for those bad trolls and gremlins to hide in
until the item drops.

When I drop silver or gold pieces on the floor I do a quick sweep,
then put the stuff in a gold pan with some water and a drop of soap
then pan for the silver or gold. Thats a great way to recover silver
and gold filing that have fallen on a hard floor surface.

One way to spot things or the floor is to turn off the lights and
lay a flashlight on the floor. Rotate the beam. Don’t be surprised by
all the stuff you will see on a supposed clean floor.

Good Luck
Lee Epperson

I used to work at a place that not only had ‘trolls’ but ghosts. I
swear they had their own projects by the order in which the tools
would disappear. One day it would be a saw frame, next day files,
then pliers. All the stuff came back to exactly where it was supposed
to be a day later. I asked to see their finished projects but never
saw any. One ghost was particularly fond of several red handled
center punches, those never came back at all. On more than one
occasion I was the only one in the building working at night and
there would be all kinds of noise behind me. I’d just say “knock it
off you guys I’m trying to get some work done” and the noise would
stop! Stuff would fly off a shelf for no reason. Stereo would turn on
and off by itself for only one guy and no one else. Many people had
their own unique experiences there and could tell some interesting
stories. Non believers became believers.

Hello Dennis.

Just wanted to say I enjoyed your advice (" lie down … let go of
thought… " etc), Not least because it conforms neatly with my own
ideas about how to deal with Troll Problems - which you will have
seen if you have read my post today. I agree that it is best to not
think about anything remotely connected either with the lost object
or the trolls. It only lets them (you know who) seize control of your
brain. This technique works for many other sorts of difficulties as
well. Do not be discouraged by people who try to tell you that you
are “in denial” or “avoiding reality.” Those people are strivers and
busybodies. It is likely they will never be happy, no matter how many
lost diamonds they find.

Marty in Victoria where they got my carpenter’s pencil today - but I
had another hidden in my pocket and I never even slowed down.