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Shop tip for boric acid, alcohol mix

I have, possibly, a tip for using the boric acid/alcohol mix. For
several months now I have been using a plastic trigger spray bottle
(from to mix, store, and apply the mixuture. The
benefits that I see aRe:

  1. The bottle doesnt’ spill if it turns over

  2. I only mix it once in a great while instead of every few days

  3. there is no brush with burnt or stiff or caked up bristiles to be

  4. there is no lid on a jar that has crusty boric acid to contend

  5. the trigger head screws right onto the bottle of alcohol.

The only problem I have had with this technique is that at first I
had the mixture over saturated and the boric acid would fall out of
suspension. It would then clog the spray tip.

The fix is easy though:

  1. unscrew the tip, pull the trigger and expel the “clot”.

  2. Reassemble the tip,

  3. add more alcohol to the mix to prevent reocurrance.

No doubt I use more of this mix than i did when i was mixing it in
batches and keeping it in a jar. But it is just a little thing that,
to me, makes life a bit easier.

All seriousness aside, The usual disclaimers apply, No, I am not a
pyromaniac, and yes, if you spray on an existing flame it does flare
up - ( how neat!) and yes, i do have a fume hood running when i
solder or flux and yes, my solder bench has a metal covering to help
contain problem sources of heat such as if my really cool expanded
titanium metal soldering stand ( just like Judy H’s.) should begin
to self destruct whilst burning incense and listening to old Led Zep
or Ali Farke Toure Yes, I voted for the man, but now I regret that he
speaks nucular english.

-just having a bit of fun- it seems that the forum is a bit stuffy
lately and needs some fresh air.