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Shop Safety - Proper Dress

Hello Hans,

Joe Lovato here, one of the Merchandising Managers at Rio Grande.
I’ll take a stab at letting you know that we are listening in regard
to this comment.

We (Rio) couldn’t agree more that cheap tools are a liability at the
bench, and not a benefit. However, we also know that for every bench
jeweler there is a different opinion on the type of tools they need
and the quality. Some people have an extremely high quality set of
pliers that they use for every day, but they may also want an
inexpensive specialty plier of a type they are going to use only once
a month. Many people want a back-up motor to their every-day motor,
and they spend a lot of money on the primary motor and less money on
the backup. Some of our customers are students just starting out, and
they pick and choose where they focus their funds so they can get
their bench going.

Rio Grande offers a full line of products so we can meet all of our
customers’ needs. For example, you’ll see in our pliers line that
the two lines we recommend most highly are Swanstrom and Lindstrom,
but we also offer inexpensive pliers for those who are not inclined
to invest in our recommended level of quality.

If you have a specific concern about a quality issue, I sure wish
you’d let me know about it directly so we can address it. Otherwise,
please know that Rio Grande is committed to continuing to provide the
highest quality tools and equipment available. We are extremely
cautious about who we buy from. We also recognize that sometimes what
a person needs isn’t the top-of-the-line, so for those folks we offer
less expensive options.

Thanks for your comment. Sincerely,
Joe Lovato