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Shop Profits

Thought you might be interested in the outcome of some stores I
help. I visited this store in August, set them up with higher prices,
trained the staff and setup QuickBooks like I have been posting. I
received their year end QuickBooks reports today, which I started in
only August. This is a portion of the letter I just faxed this
jeweler. All facts are true. This is how many stores can look:

August I believe, we started a new QuickBooks file. So Since August
you’ve done about $533,000 in total sales.

$300,664 was in product sales (63% of sales)

$173,517 was in shop sales (37% of sales).

Here’s a breakdown for you of gross profit in dollars and

Type Sales COG’s Gross Profit $$ Gross profit%

Product $300,664 $163,916 $136,748 46%

Shop $173,517 $54,512 $119,005 68%

The shop makes 50% more gross profit than the showroom. Also did you
notice that the showroom did $127,147 in sales than the shop but
only made $17,743 more profit dollars. That’s a lot of work for

Your net profit for the store is $72,115.00 and that’s 13.5%. That’s
an improvement over what I saw when I came there in August and it
comes from the extra money the shop is now making compared to what it
used to.

Keep up the good work
David S. Geller