Shop lighting

It has come time for me to replace the lighting in my work shop. I
am in need of task lighting for 4 work stations and possibly
overhead lighting for the entire space. My shop is small, about 8’ x
11’. I need lighting for the design bench area, the flex shaft area,
soldering area, and buffing area.

Thanks ahead of time for all the orchid friends who give their

Jean Menden

I am replacing my fluorescent lights with LED fixtures. Sooooo much
more light is the reason. It makes my space much brighter.

Vernon Wilson
Panama Bay Jewelers

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a led work light for your jewelry projects? We recommend:

LEDs all the way around. You can buy 4’ shop lights for $30 and then
shop around for smaller spots to light specific areas. Make sure to
put one on your polishing area. You will be surprised at what you
see. Rob

I agree with LED. I recently replaced all of my studio lighting with
LED and it is great. Be aware that you have the bulb choice of K
(kelvin temperature) and 4,000K is the one that will give the amazing
light. The lower numbers are warmer and meant for giving a cozy
feeling to regular interior spaces–dining room, living room, etc.