Shop hazards

For the novice and the experienced: Keep your gravers on top of the
workbench. Dropping them on the fell tray during a procedure is a bad
habit. The handles being heavier often cause the graver to stand with
the sharp points upright. Since you focus on the workpiece at eye
level you cannot see a sharp graver below waiting for you to drop
your hand into it… Ugh!.. Trust me on this one. It is very painful… Robert R. Wooding.

Dear Robert,

I’m a great fan of your books and videos. Here’s another a tip for
those gravers. I use a medical beaker holder. I fit them in rows by
their number point down. The point doesn’t touch anything and they are
right where I want them.

Best Regards,

TR the Teacher
Todd Hawkinson

Chain can be wrapped carefully around a cylindrical piece of wood
(garage-sale rolling pin, busted baseball bat, specially made tool
for the purpose).

Dan Woodard