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Shop Envy MJSA

Remember about a year back when we had the long discussion about setting up a jewelry bench/studio space? Many of you were very kind and supportive of my ideas for my new shop. Although I haven’t seen the article yet, I am told that the pictures and the narrative I provided appear in the publication MJSA Journal. It is in the column Bench Envy January 2021 issue. If you get this journal and have seen the article please let me know.
Thanks so much, Jean Menden

Hello Jean,

I received an email link from MJSA to the copy online. Your studio has a several-page spread. Very nice studio, indeed!

I just got your post in email, but didn’t see it on Orchid. I was wondering why your post didn’t appear with all the others, but after a search I see it is under Bench Exchange, not the usual section.

Neil A

Hi Neil,
Thanks for letting me know. I haven’t even seen the article yet. They haven’t provided me a link or a hard copy.
I did put my comment in the bench exchange. I wish I had put it in the general section


Hello Jean,

I was going to download it as a *.pdf file for you but it is 151 MB, too large to relay via Orchid.

Try this:

Hope it works.

Best wishes,

Hello Jean - Nice article on your new studio - it was nice of Neil A to put the magazine up for everyone to look over. All the best…

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Wow Jean, what a beautiful shop. I live in MN too and I think you are living my future dream.

Er, ah… I thought it was a PM. I hope MJSA isn’t too unhappy with me.

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thank You Neil. That link does work. I am happy they did send me the magazine and I splurged on a plaque to hang in my shop.

Where do you live?