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Shop cleaning

   Use white, white, white!!  It will make you shop seem
lighter without adding more lights.  My shop is painted with a
good coverage glossy white paint (no bargain brands).  For
those of you saying -- "No, not white", ---  of course it gets
dirty, but twice a year in June and December/January the shop
gets a good dusting, vacuuming and a quick wipe down of
splatters (that's why you need GOOD paint, it cleans easily). 
The rest of the year I use a fluffy duster when I can't stand
the dust anymore.  The dust/dirt will be there no matter what
color you use, even black or brown, but white is easy to touch
up and emotionally it is clean and uplifting.  That's my 2cents

I hope you are clever enough to send the residue off to a
refinary.It can shock you how much precious metal can be in
it.One guy in New York retired a rich man on a blackend drop
ceiling. Also,another good tip is you should melt it down before
shipping and drill 3 small holes in the bottom.This is a sign to
the refinary that you have sent for assay.Never send just loose
scrap gold,or old school rings in a bag.You can liken it to a car
thief.If he sees a lock on the steering wheel,he will pass you
by.There are so many that leave the keys in.Also,request in your
corespondence to be paid for the Platinum and Silver content
also,not just the gold.

                                                 Mark Liccini


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