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Shipping: US Post Office

Hi Gang,

 I'd just like to add that it is now possible to check Post Office
delivery confirmations online. They also have these really
convenient (and free) fold-up boxes for priority mail that are just
*perfect* small stuff like jewelry and 

I’ll second Dave’s comments!

Got They give you the capability to do just about anything that can be
done at the post office. You can look up zip codes, calculate postage for
different types &sizes of pkgs & letters & track (of sorts) pkgs. It also has an
INTERNATIONAL category for calculating postage for out of country mail. Then
there’s the STORE section where you can order & have delivered to your address
the FREE shipping containers for Prioity or Express mail.

I’ve been using this site for about 10 years & it hasn’t let me down yet. The
only thing I had to buy in order to use it effectively was a scale to accurately
weigh things. Got that at COSTCO for under $30. The folks at the satellite post
office I use are always happy to see me walk in the door, pkg ready to go &
check made out for the correct amount.

I use the Delivery Confirmation (45 cents) on all my pkgs. It doesn’t allow
minute by minute tracking, but it does confirm that the pkg was delivered. The
PO has never been over 3 days in delivering any Prioity pkgs anywhere in the US
from AZ.

Dave Arens

I agree! I have been selling on Ebay for 2 years now and frequent
the Ebay Q & A board, folks there told me about USPS’s Shipping
Assistant 2.2 . Shipping Assistant is a software application which
provides easy access to all shipping data currently available through
the USPS Web Tools API’s (Application Program Interfaces) – shipping
labels, tracking, rates, merchandise return labels, etc. Use it in
the front office or shipping department to create shipping labels
with Delivery/ Signature Confirmation or single-ply Express Mail
labels. Use it in your customer service department to answer
questions about shipping fees or tracking/confirmation. It’s easy,
it’s convenient and it’s free! (you still have to pay for delivery
confirmation, but at a reduced rate and FREE on Priority items! Lydia
~ Mistress Jewelry

   The folks at the satellite post office I use are always happy
to see me walk in the door, pkg  ready to go & check made out for
the correct amount. 

You know, you don’t even have to go to the Post Office for this,
either! I haven’t done it since I have a convenient P.O. right around
the corner, but there is a toll-free number you can call to arrange
for a pick up of Priority (2-3 day) and Express (overnight) mail. I
guess you’d have to pay the carrier with cash or check? I haven’t
approached my regular letter carrier to see if he’ll take them on his
daily rounds, but have been thinking about exploring the possibility.

On the other hand, a quick trip to the post office gets me off the
Sebaste Compound (estate?) for a break and a change of scenery. If
its around lunchtime I might even treat myself to a case of
indigestion from Taco Hell. :wink:

With the ebb and flow of service quality from the various carriers
available, I’m currently most happy with the reliability, cost
effectiveness and (for me) convenience of the postal service. As with
all things, this is subject to change without notice.

All the best,


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Yes, I think USPS priority mail is a great buy. It costs only $3.85
for 2-3 day delivery anywhere in the US. Did you know you can get
free delivery confirmation if you use the online shipping label
feature on the USPS website? Click here for more

I find the USPS insurance rate to be expensive so I am considering a
private mail insurer.

DanielBe Jewelry

Hi All: I use USPS, priority mail, insured, delivery confirmation to
mail out jewelry to my customers. I also order all the supplies I
need off their web site. They have never lost a package in all the
years I have used them. I don’t go to the post office to mail out my
packages I send them out right from my doorstep using I
am not trying to sell the product…but I love the convenience of not
making a trip into town. I live out of town and the time it takes me
to go to the post office, wait in line and the gas money I save
money by just mailing it from my studio. They bill me right out of my
bank account 10% of the total I spent that month on postage. There
are some restrictions I can’t send international, media mail, yet.
But, they are making changes in their program all the time. They just
added the ability to print out postage stamps. No special equipment
is needed just their software which I downloaded off their site, a
scale, computer and a printer. Oh, in some cases you do need to use
their labels to print on.

Linda Crawford
Linda Crawford Designs
Willits, CA, USA

Some people aren’t aware that there are new regs from the USPS for
Priority Mail: above 1 lb. the price increases according to the Zone
the recipient lives in. This is a major nuisance and many post
offices are not even aware of the change although the new prices are
programmed into their computers. There are charts on the USPS site
that detail the new charges for the various zones.

I don’t know if anyone has considered Federal Express. The prices
have really gone through the roof with the Post Office so I checked
around to compare rates. I was amazed that Federal Express had the
lowest shipping rate of all. I’ve been using them the last month and
have been very pleased. It might be worth checking out.

Cherie Wilbur