Shipping to Shows

Hi Gang, I am doing my first out of state show where I ship my
displays and fly. Does anyone have any advice regarding shipping?
Like how big of a crate is too big,heavy? How far in advance of the
show should it safely be shipped? Who handles things with the most

Also I am sketchy about flying, taxi-ing, hoteling with my inventory.
Whats the smartest way to keep yourself secure to and from the
airport? Once at the show I will use the show storage but between
places…at tear down… is what I am sweating.

Thanks for the advice,

I’d suggest contacting Jewelers Security Alliance for their hints on
security in transit. Their Web site is You’ll
have to register with Polygon, since the site is restricted to the
trade, but I don’t believe there is any charge for that.

Be sure to check out the Crime Prevention Bulletins, which include
pieces specifically geared to traveling jewelry salespersons and
shipping jewelry safely. JSA also sells a 152 page manual on security
issues, which might be helpful.

JSA does a great service to the jewelry industry in educating
jewelers about security and in working with police and the FBI to
catch criminals. They conduct regular seminars on security, and they
also send out regular “wanted” notices to members letting them know
about criminal activity, which has helped catch quite a number of
robbers. They’re a worthy group to support with membership.

Suzanne Wade
Phone/Fax 508-339-7366