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Shipping to a residence



I also have a home based business and have had that questioned asked
of me but have never had to pay extra. A lot of times on the form
the shipper needs to check a box which states residential or

Because mine is also a residential delivery my driver is ALWAYS
someone different, if it is not sent next day morning delivery the
delivery times can go as late as 7 p.m. (residential delivery time)
and they do not carry any supplies on their trucks. Last week I was
expecting a package, tracking on line said it was delivered, well it
was delivered at someone else’s home. Thank goodness Saturday
afternoon a very, very nice woman drove up and gave me my package
that I desperately needed.

Maybe all the home based business now are creating a hassle for the
delivery operations, who knows. Did your supplier say WHY it was
going to cost you more, just curious.



To all of you at home…

I know some of you live out in the beautiful country so this might
not work, but… if there is one local to you, you could rent a mail
box. Not from the post office, because they will not accept UPS—
those stinkers! But from a place like Postal works, or a independent
box & shipping locale sometimes has them. They will normally accept
your UPS packages at no extra charge. I have one and this way, I
don’t have to worry about things walking off my front porch, or not
being here (or quick enough to the door) to sign for something. I
work in my basement and sometimes by the time I hear the doorbell,
I’ll just make it upstairs in time to see the UPS driver driving
away. Those buggers are fast. Then I’d have to drive to UPS anyway
to get my package. Might as well drive to my mailbox a few times a

I know it’s an added expense, but it’s also nice to not put my home
address on my business cards.


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