Shipping Jewelry Overseas

Hi All, I would have thought I could have found the info I needed in
the archives, but I didn’t see it.

I have a potential customer in The Netherlands who would like to
order a $400 pair of earrings. I realize that there are some
countries where one shouldn’t ship anything (e.g. Indonesia, Russia,
etc.) due to fraud, but I feel that the Netherlands should be okay.
Problem is, I can’t find a shipping company that will ship jewelry
overseas. Any suggestions?

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Hi JoAnna, US mail works great for me. I’ve shipped a fair amount of
jewelry to a number of countries w/o problem. i.e. UK, Romania,
Mexico, Ecuador, Japan, Canada. The only difference from domestic mail
is you have to complete a customs form. Here’s a link to their
international rate calculator…


joanna - check with fed-ex,ups & usps; i’ve used all to ship to
denmark, the u.k., belgium, france, germany, etc. just check with
the client to ask what they want listed on the customs slip.


 I can't find a shipping company that will ship jewelry overseas.
Any suggestions? 

You can ship the at the post office. Send them registered mail and
make sure you fill out the correct customs form. The only hang up
is insurance. They have different caps depending on which country
you are shipping to. You can also ship FedEx but again the
insurance can become a problem. For high ticket items where you
need the insurance, Brinks is one way to go. My thoughts( hopes) on
the insurance though is that just having a package marked as
Insured, gives it a somewhat better chance of arriving intact.


I have shipped jewelry overseas to England via Federal Express. You
might try them.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Spirer Somes Jewelers

Express mail will take care of it, since it has 500 dollars worth of
insurance. Or Airmail parcel post with insurance.


Contact ParcelPro at we use them to insure
FedEx shipments overseas and in the US.

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You can try Malca Amit or Brinks, but the shipping costs would be
very high for just one piece.

They generally charge about USD 150-200 per shipment