Shipping Internationally question

I am considering submitting my work for an exhibition in France. What do I need to know about Customs/Duty considerations; absolutely (or close) security/insurance shipping; shippers; miscellaneous considerations?

I am not concerned about insurance while the work is at the gallery or return shipping (the gallery covers that), but I am concerned about shipping to the gallery. I need to know that my work can be insured for full value during shipping and that the shipper is reliable (security, safe handling, insurance, etc.).

Look forward to Orchidian’s advice. Thanks, in advance, for all help with this.

Contact Parcel Pro and speak with them…

@LaLinda first of all you need to know if it is going to be a definitive (for sale) or temporary (for exhibition only) import:

You will need to choose a parcel service that accepts jewelry for both shipping and insurance… they should take care of everything. Yo need a a DDP service (Delivered Duty Paid, as per Incoterms 2010).

In case of temporary import, it is advisable to manage delivery and return with the same company (this means that the gallery should pay you the parcel company fee).

Good luck!