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Shipping Insurance policies

Hello All,

I would like to offer my long experience with shipping and insurance
with various companys. For many years I used registered US mail to
send jewelry. In the last year I have switched to Federal Express
and I can Highly recomend them. I have had Items lost by UPS, US
mail and Federal Express. US mail won’t even start a search for your
package until it has been missing for at least 2 weeks.UPS is better
but I have to say that Federal Express has been the easiest to work
with when the unfortunate happens. They have a very good rate if you
are an MJSA memeber. It is worth the price of memebership just to
get the good shipping rate. I print my labels on line with sticky
labels that they supply put the items in self adhesive boxes that
they supply and they come to my studio and pick them up. No more
wrapping boxes and driving into town to the post office. And I can
go online and track the package every inch of the way. And I can get
up to $50,000.00 insurance on a single packadge.

Most of the packages that I ship have a value of less than $500.00
and are not leaving the state that I live in. I would say the
average price that I am paying is $6.00 for 2nd day delivery. That
is close to the same price as registered US mail, and I don’t have
to carry it to the post office. I ship enough items that I don’t
have to pay for the daily pickup. UPS wouldn’t do that for me, their
shipping rate is a little better but the price of the insurance is
no cheaper.

John Wade