Shipping displays to a show

OK Road Warriors - I am trying to research IF it is possible to
travel to shows by flying instead of loading up the SUV and driving.
I have a 17 hour drive to Houston coming up.

Have any of you rented the tent, tables and chairs at or thru the
show and then shipped your props and display and taken an flight to
the show with your work?

It may not be any cheaper, but it may save 3-4 days of driving.

I don’t want my display to look lack luster and I certainly don’t
want to be banned for not representing the jury photo. I currently
use both glass casing and open display. I am wondering if I can rent
glass cubing or if anyone has tips on shipping it.

Pros? Cons?

Kay Cummins
Out And About Girls


I live in Atlanta and two weeks ago did a show in Wisconsin. I was
fortunate to be able to borrow a tent from my sister-in-law and
tables from another family member. Instead of glass, I used
plexiglass and had it shipped to my mother-in-law. I considered
glass, but then decided that if I do more shows at a distance,
plexiglass would be less likely to break, also the weight is about
half so shipping was less. ( very
easy to deal with, they cut pieces to my size specifications). I
shipped my booth supplies and displays to my mother-in-law, but from
my past career, I know you can ship to your hotel but be sure to let
them know ahead of time that boxes will be arriving for you. FedEx
Ground is the most economical way to ship (cheaper than UPS). I
carried my inventory with me on the airplane. Initially I asked the
TSA agent for a private screening to go through security, but they
said to just go through regular security and if there was a question
to then ask for the private screening. I didn’t want the whole world
to know what I had with me, but there were not questions and I went
right through.

I have not rented tents or tables, but if you do, I suggest taking
along (or ship with your supplies) about 1-ft lengths of PVC pipe to
slip on the bottom of the legs of the table to raise it up (provided
you are renting folding tables). This may not be any you
are looking for, but hope some of it helps!

Priscilla Fritsch

you never know the configuration of the rental folding tables to know
how long to cut your PVC. Been caught in a pickle a few times because
of that. Sometimes the cross bars start further down or higher up on
the legs than you are used to, and your tables are not the height you
want them to be. I would get the bed risers that college students use
in dorm rooms to raise their beds so they can store more under them.
Do a google search, they will come up.