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Shipping boxes and bags

Do any of you have suggestions for me on where to buy the padded
shipping bags or small boxes inexpensively? I’m looking for the
mailing bags or boxes in brown paper or cardboard not the little white
jewelry boxes. I can go to my local office supply store, but I was
hoping to buy in bulk at a cheaper rate. Up until now I’ve made my own
with pieces of cardboard, brown paper and plastic grocery bags for
cushioning. This is getting old, fast. Annette

Hi, I too saw just looking for packaging material and Found a nice
Site Please See

I am in no way affiliated with the company just wanted to share the
info Ahmed shareek

While were on the subject does anybody know of makers of fitted
jewelery cases, the sort that are made to take a specific piece of
jewelery with a molded inside?

Tony Konrath

Gold and Stone

Two companies that I am familiar with aRe:

Uline Shipping Supply Specialists 1-800-295-5510 and Viking
Supplies (just got their catalog in the mail; I’ll have to send you
their number once I find their catalog… unpacking from a move is

I haven’t ordered from Viking yet, but their prices seem okay. An
example of Uline prices; they had a special on 10x10x6 cardboard
boxes - 100 for $33.00 (they can run up around .50/box if not on
sale). Hope this helps!

  • Lori Bugaj One-Eyed Collie Jewelry Design