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Shipping agreement

Dear Friends,

Is this normal? In my haste to receive some display materials from a
company in New York, I signed without much thought an agreement
faxed to me. It stated that I would pay shipping charges without
knowing in advance what they would be. Of course I would. Three days
after receiving the product, however, I got the invoice. They
charged me $72.50 to ship a box of foam (lightweight) risers to
California. This cannot be what UPS charged them. Are these
agreements normal? And do I have any recourse having signed it? When
I signed the agreement, I did so in good faith that they would
charge me what the shipping actually cost, not an inflated cost. I
could return the item because it is is also of very poor quality,
but would that entitle them to reimburse my shipping as well, or
would I then be out the shipping and the product. I am feeling
really ripped off. Aarrgh!

Thanks for your thoughts,

Hi Karin, I would not say this is normal but, unfortunately some
people(companies) make a good bit of their money from shipping
charges. They trick you by having a great price for their product and
then surprise you with these crazy shipping charges. I guess they do
not care about repeat business. I will not say all the time but, most
the time you the consumer get stuck with shipping charge if
item/items are returned. I have learned this lesson myself and ALWAYS
ask shipping charges now, before I buy.

Good Luck,
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Sounds to me like a “rip-off.” Karin, you would be doing all of us
on Orchid a favor if you would tell us the name of the vendor. If
you don’t want to post it on the board, I would appreciate it if you
would email me directly. Thank you.

David Barzilay
Lord of the Rings
607 S Hill St Ste 850
Los Angeles, CA 90014-1718

Karin, I think they charged you for the sailboat fuel too. The
place probably pays a third party to do their shipping. Therefore it
is why they faxed you an agreement to sign. If you looked at the
agreement it probably also says that shipping is your cost to return
the goods. In your haste you just learned a valuable lesson, read
what you sign and always get a price quote. Nothing you can really
do without costing you more time and money.

Warren Townsend

Hi Karin,

I’m sorry to hear that this has happened. Unfortunately, I think it
happens to everyone at least once!

Somewhere in or on the packaging there should be a listing of the
actual weight of the package. Take this as well as your
zip code and the zip from where the package shipped and go to UPS to
find out what they charge to ship this package. It sounds as though
the items shipped were also oversized, so you might also want to have
the dimensions of the shipping carton to input as well. Oversized
boxes are charged at a higher rate. Once inputting this info you
should be given the actual shipping charges. If you were charged a
considerable amount more than the actual shipping costs you should
contact the company and try to negotiate a reduction in charges.

If you choose to return the items you will not only have to eat the
original shipping costs, but incur new ones in sending it back. A
company should be able to give you the cost of shipping or at least a
very good estimate before shipping.

I hope this info helps!

Id give them a call and argue the situation with them, if you get no
joy contact a solicitor. TA

I contacted the store and got “I’m only a salesperson” from a
salesperson who kept referring to “they” who overcharged me. I
asked, “who is they? do you use an outside shipper?” And she said,
“they” is the company, as in an inhuman entity which cannot deal
with problems or people. I do not know how a company whose
salespeople have that attitude can stay in business for the 75 years
they claim they have been around. Anyway, after checking my receipt
and seeing that there would be a 25% restocking fee, I decided to
call it a $72.00 lesson and get on with making jewelry. Thanks for
all your responses. They made me feel better.

:slight_smile: Karin

With incidents like this, it would help the rest of us to know who
this supplier is. If we stay away in multitudes from vendors like
this, they’ll either wake up or go out of business and stop
cluttering up the scenery.