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Sherline CNC milling


Dear all,

I am a newbie in jewelry industry, but want to try small project on
class rings. After doing small research on internet, I dont find any
specific on how to make class rings. I know that class
rings prototypes can be made with wax through cnc milling process. Is
the Sherline machine enough to do the jobs? How details the texture
can be made? Pls help me because I want to buy Sherline. I know
Solidscape machine but the price still very high. Thank you.



Aloha Vincent, The Sherline mill does not have the accuracy to do
class rings. Sherline equipment is out about .002’’ before, you even
put motors and a controller on it. For some surfacing applications
it may be good enough for some people, but for die work or precision
wax work, it is not. As are many other available mills. Rapid
Prototyping technologies (3d printing) while good for some
applications, is not very good for sharp clean lettering or class
ring manufacture. Another consideration is also the CAD/CAM
software. If I can answer any questions and help you make an
educated decision, please feel free to contact me (off list).

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Best regards,
Christian Grunewald
Precision Modelmaking Technologies
(808) 622-9005


Vincent, you might want to check out Dan Statman’s work in titanium
rings at He uses a couple of CNC’d
Sherline mills to do the work you see on his site. He’s a very
knowledgeable and helpful guy, and an Orchid member if I’m not
mistaken. I’ve learned a lot from him just by reading the hundreds
of messages he’s posted to the Sherline Milling group at Yahoo
( which I’ve been following
pretty closely for several months now.

Regarding the Sherline mill it seems that the general consensus is
that with careful setup the mill is accurate to 0.0005 inch or less.
For what it’s worth I’ve heard the 0.002 inch figure quoted as being
the “out of the box” accuracy. As I understand it it’s a backlash
issue on the lead screws for which the resourceful Sherline owners
have found many solutions. I’ve experienced this same backlash on my
Sherline lathe and it is indeed 0.002 inch but since I’m just
learning and doing non-CNC’d test pieces it’s easy enough for me to
ignore the issue for the time being.

Trevor F.


Anyone interested in Sherline/cnc might like to look at:

which describes a “turn-key” (i.e. fully contained ready to go)
system comprising CNC mill and computer with appropriate software.
Seems they have a special price on the first twenty systems. I have
no knowledge about whether this a good way to go or not, though it’s
not the route I’d choose.

Kevin (NW England, UK)



Try going to They manufacture a fairly well made
line of lathes and mills which are compatible with CNC work. They’re
now offering a complete CNC mill, and may have the lathes set up with
CNC also They are also very helpful if you call them. Sherline is
well established and American made - which means parts are just a
phone call and day away.

Good luck,

Les Brown
L.F.Brown Goldwork, Inc.
17 Second St. East, #101
Kalispell, MT 59901
Les Brown
L.F.Brown Goldwork, Inc.
17 Second St. East, #101
Kalispell, MT 59901