Shellac cleaning

Dear All

Some weeks ago I ventured into writing an essay about how to remove
shellac from gold.

I gave some details into this process, well after some time I
totally forgot about the Orchid writing…until today!

I received my first of many magazines from May issue of
"MJSA-Journal" and peered to read the back page about “Sticky Tricks”
(page 58) written by Shawna Kulpa. To my total surprise, what did I
see was my name and my exact Orchid essay…“Wow”. I was waiting for
my wife at her doctors appointment I couldn’t control my sheer joy in
seeing it written in it’s entirety.

What appeared to me that all of my past years of cleaning shellac it
is now being seen and hopefully used by many…Shawn Kulpa if you are
reading this,…“Thank you”!!!

I think it is imperative the we pass onto to others our little
helpful bench-hints and thoughts that someday to be written and all
to read. Orchid and Hanuman…thank you!!!

Gerry Lewy!