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Shell Ensis Fluid S

Further to what has already been said, after also doing a bit of a
surf around, and discovering that Shell Ensis Fluid S appears to
occur in places like Oman, but NOT in Australia (where I am), I gave
up on the thought that perhaps Shell only flogged this stuff in damp
countries (!)…bit the bullet and actually emailed
Shell…amazing what happens when you use logic in the

What follows is their reply to me…while the telephone contact
number is probably only good for Australia, I’m sure that with a
little Orchidian know-how, people will be able to adapt this
to their local conditions.

email address removed

Ensis fluid s is not manufactured in Australia, but its
product data sheet indicates that it deposits a film of 7
microns when the solvent has evaporated , a local Ensis fluid
with very similar properties is Ensis Fluid SDC You can enquire
re its price and availibility (smallest pack is 20 litres) by
ringing 131 618 and selecting option 1 when prompted Regards
Shell Tech Advice Centre

Perhaps this will serve to throw a bit more light on the subject…

Regards to all from South Australia, where we had 37C and
thunderstorms this afternoon…(just who is sending this stuff?)

Peter Harris