Sheet or Cast or?

Hello All,

As usual fascinating discussions,…Been at this craziness for 35++
years, and it seems that it really depends on what one is creating as
to what works best. When I was a college student (Art Major), we were
not even allowed into casting courses until we completed courses in
design and fabrication. Looking back I’m thankful that the processes
were organized in that fashion, as it allowed us to learn all the
foundational skills that have been so necessary in the ‘real’ world
job of creating jewelry. Having experienced those processes made wax
work and casting a complete set of ‘tools’ which has served me well
over the years…At this juncture I would say my work is 75% cast,
25% fabricated, solely decided by what the finished piece needs to
acomplish, design wise…I also use fabrication to make models,
which are molded, and ultimately cast. Also use photomachining
(etching) in copper for models which are also molded for casting.
There is the use of plastic for model making which can be cast and/or
molded, a myriad of techniques, all of which gives one great variety
of ways to arrive at a ideal solution, and hopefully something

Thanks, Thomas