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Sheet metal cutting..(Beverly Shear)

I’ve seen Beverly Shears available from “Centaur Forge”, P.O. Box
340, 117 N. Spring Street, Burlington, WI 53105-0340 USA or
1-262-763-9175 or FAX 1-262-763-8350 (no known Web presence). They
list all three sizes in their 1999-2000 Catalog (pg. 122) from $395.00
to $798.00 USD. I think other Blacksmithing supply companies may also
carry Beverly Shears. I’ve also seen a “throatless shears” from Harbor
Frieght, for ~$90.00USD but with the price disparity, Ive had my
doubts. (Any with experience here?)

I agree the Beverly Shear is an excellant tool for rough cutting
(they have serrated egdes and leave “tooth marks”). We had one at my
college, a #B-3, I believe?

Hope this helps,