She thought it was a real diamond

A young woman presented herself at my shop and asked me if I could
fix her ring. She told me she broke her diamond and needed to have it
fixed. Of course I immediately knew that it was not a diamond. Her
husband came into the shop as I was looking at the ring. He took me
aside and told me that she thought it was a real diamond and to
please not tell her. I went back to the lady and told her I would
have to replace the “diamond”. She turned to her hubby and asked if
that was okay, he simply nodded. I replaced the stone and when they
came back in to collect the ring the husband then asked me if I could
put a real diamond in it for him. I just looked at him and asked if
he knew how much that would cost him. He had no idea as to how much
Canadian diamonds cost. But she wanted the stone with the polar bear
in it. So he relented and purchased a 3 carat Canadian Diamond. I set
it and off they went broke but finally happy.

That’s my dandy for the week.