Shavins for sale

hello to all I have some silver and gold shavins for sale. I have
just a small shop where I do all my repairs of silver and gold where
I collect all the shavins and left of pecies of gold and silver. I
melt all the silver and gold shavin together what I have is tree
pecies of ingot. I dont have a jewelry scal so what I did is waigth
the ingots in a fod scal and the waight a bout 250gm. one ingot is a
bout 80mm long and a bout 45mm wide and a bout 4 mm thick. the
otherone is a bout 42 mm long and a bout 13mm wide and a bout 4mm
thick the last one is a bout 47mm long and about 33mm wide and
aboiut 4mm thick. the price the I’m asking is $600 dollars for all
if some one is interested let me know thank you


Hi Rojas, I suggest that you clean your bench everytime you change
metals …or setup 2 benches so that you can keep your silver and
gold filings/shavings seperate… This is how it is normally done.
The reason I say that is that it is too easy for a person buying a
mixed ingot to be cheated , likewise it is easy for you to loose
money. Telling someone you want $600 for a mixed bar of 250 grams of
metal does not identify the value enough to make it interesting.It
would have to be assayed to determine the value.

We go as far as having all our metals in seperate containers… we
seperate 14k, 18k 22k,24k, and silver … now, before sending it in
for refining, we burn of wood filings , use a magent to remove
broken saw blades… then we weigh each metal and deliver it to the
refiner that way… now, we know exactly what we should get back and
it tells us immediately which refiner is cheating and which one is

Hope this may be helpful to you. Best Wishes, Daniel Grandi