Shaving Brush?

Remember these ‘old fashioned shaving brushes’? My neighbour gave me a
shaving kit and after 8 years being unused, I nearly threw it away! This
brush now sits in my bench ready to now used, why this? It is soft to the
touch on the gold & silver and specially setting cz’s or diamonds and it’s
even great for cleaning up your bench-pan!
*Gerry Lewy *

I bought one a few tears ago and it sits in a fancy asian metal box beside
my clean-up sink. I use it to wash jewelry parts and stones as it is soft,
it leaves no scratches and rinses out well. I am always surprised how often
I use it.
A great tool for jewelers!!


Sorry, a few years ago…not tears.


Have one from my wife’s makeup kit, swiped it years ago. Not as big but the same kind of bristles, would cry if I lost it.

One if the from realities of making the jewelry for which my family is known is that once it is polished it has to be cleaned. I polished for my Dad for many years and we used hit water, the basic toothbrush, and Dawn detergent to get the polish out of the twists in the bracelets. The hot water would soften the bristles and they did an ok job of cleaning out the gunk.

Recently, because of some hand injuries, I started using a paint brush, 2" sash tool,. And it does a better job. The bristles get into the depths of the cuff bracelets very nicely. And it only took about 40 years to learn this trick.

My next try may be a commercial glass and bottle washer brush.

Don Meixner.

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Thank you!! Heading to my make-up drawer now!!

For many years I employed an old German trained Master Goldsmith in our workshop. He had formerly worked for Harry Winston. Jurgen Sierau kept a shaving brush on his bench and used it to carefully clean the gold dust off his bench. In the old days, he explained, smiths were required to clean their fingernails before the went home after a days work.

They deliver the best shave as well.