Sharpening gravers

I ran across this advertised at Harbor Freight. It looks like it
could sharpen gravers inexpensively and while having a small


Hi Robb,

I checked out this machine at HF online. Looks interesting for
gravers except most laps come with .5" arbors and this machine looks
to have a small spindle. I wonder if it could be adapted. The rpms
look good. I would like something inexpensive and motorized to
sharpen gravers with and used power hones are just about



I know of another ‘less expensive’ method of sharpening gravers, and
that is using an oil stone! You can kep it ON your bench at all
times, its always there when you need it. All it takes is a bit of
oil to lubricate the stone surface. No plugs, doesn’t take up much
space, costs only $15.00 - $20.00 per unit, and very user friendly.
Not too mention most of them are double-sided.

In my “Diamond Setting Notes” that I am giving away for ‘free’ I
have TWO ESSAYS just on this same topic. If you want them, just ask
me for it!..“why buy it wholesale if you can get it N/C.” BTW, 36
packets of notes went out yesterday and another 15 are due for this

Gerry Lewy!

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Wold you tell me what you are talking about?. I can’t find something
I recognize as a graver sharpener at HF

Hello All,

I attended Blaine Lewis’ New Approach School in Virginia Beach last
year and it was an awsome amount of learning in just one week of
stone setting! While there, Blaine taught us to sharpen gravers on a
2 sided diamond plate, holding the graver palm down, handle in the
heel and blade supported by thumb and index fingers. Move the flat
of the blade in a side-to-side motion. This eliminates any rocking
that might occurr. Works like a charm! I have looked through all of
my supply catalogues but can’t locate the diamond plate but it can
certainly be ordered through the New Approach School which has an in
house tool store which features some of Blaine’s favorite tools.
Bought my GRS bench pin there after using it in his class, and I
wouldn’t be without it!

Just one more of Blaines’ satisfied customers.

Susan Ronan
Coronado, CA

I found what I believe you are talking about, the 2 sided diamond
plate for sharpening, at


I used to buy small (about 1.5x3 inches) diamond sharpening plates
at Sears in their sporting goods section. They were sold for hunters
and were $5 - came in a small leather holder. I have several which
I’ve had for years and use them to shape my flex shaft hard rubber
disks for polishing. When they get too gunky I just scrub them off
with ammonia and a brush and they are good to go again. These little
sharpeners may be too small for sharpening a graver but just thought
I’d throw this in. They are great for keeping “knife edged” discs
indeed knife edged.


The flat diamond lapping sharpening plates are pretty common items at
the specialty woodworkers suppliers such as:

and many more. for gravers the solid plates are probably better than
the dotted ones. ???


Are you ready ?. The secret is clean hands all the time. 

I had to chuckle ruefully at reading Leonid’s story. I have to have
clean hands all the time unless I’m knee-deep in a dirty job. Since
I weave and knit wire regularly, it requires clean, dry hands at all
times, soI’m constantly have to wash my hands. Even keep cornstarch
or baby powder on hand for really damp conditions.

As for my desk, I require 2 feet of clear space on my desk, where I
work. If my desk is too messy, I can’t focus. I have little piles
and containers holding my bits and pieces so that they are not
scattered everywhere/

Most jewelers’ benches I’ve seen or visited are so messy, so full of
tools and stuff, I’m amazed they get anything done or find anything.
I thought I was the oddball that had to get my desk cleaned of
everything frequently and even tools had to be in specific drawers.

Right now my studio is a disaster after finishing several major
projectsdue this week. I have to clean up before I move onto the
next round of jobs.


Hi! At new approach are you able to shop the store without attending? I live very close and hope to soon