Shark torch

I have read everything I could about the Shark torch in the
archives. This sounds like something I would be interested in.
However I am not sure that all is well, could be, but I need to know
what it can=92t do. Like the $10 torch idea, that can do some things,
very little, if this can not do certain things, then to me it is
worthless. What I need to know is can this torch do large pendants,
bracelets, and belt buckles. I know there are some of you out there
who have bought this torch and I am counting on some honesty about
this. Because of restrictions (I am sure I am not the only one with
this kind of problem) I can use only the disposable canisters.
(Otherwise I would do the same as one of the club officers did, she
paid $50 for her torch, I think she had to buy a hose etc., and
hooked it up to acetylene, I don=92t have that option.)

I know that there are several =93turbo=94 torches that are kind of lik=
a bernzomatic on steroids, the price tag is also on steroids, a smith
torch is cheaper if you shop around. (These would work, at least as
far as putting out the heat needed.) I suspect that perhaps
bernzomatic may make something that would work on air propane/mapp,
such as the TSH7, which one guy used to construct a bicycle from
scratch. Perhaps not as there is a difference in material. Moreover
they are short of details needed for any decision on the matter. I
have tried asking, the problem is they seem to hire out of college
and whoever you talk with is not likely to have used a torch, theirs
or otherwise. And they don=92t seem interested in anything other than
sending an email attachment that will not tell you what you need to

I do know that most bernzomatic products =93suitable for jewelry=94 ar=
a farce (those labeled as such), unless soldering a jump ring is
someone=92s idea of the =93ultimate=94 achievement in life. I have th=
same opinion, not to knock others, about making tiny jewelry in
general, I cut rock and so do not like to cut the tiny calibrated
sizes, which to be honest you are better off getting from a catalog
if your time means anything to yourself. Besides I like cutting the
larger freeforms, and am not about to butcher rock to get it down to
a size to fit the torch. Having learned how to use a torch more or
less I need one to work at home, but it must be able to actually do
what is needed.

I hope I can count on some that has used one those torches to give
an honest and realistic answer, because if it can not do it without
being some ridiculous task then I am wasting time and effort. If
that is the case I should just put it off until I can scrape up the
money for a silversmith torch. They also make one that can attach to
a canister of mapp/propane, I also know for a fact that that will
work, but I also believe I will need to get at least one other tip.
(With my budget and with what I have been buying, and still need to
buy, I can use any money I can save, but only if it will work.) As
said I hope someone will answer this question.

E. Jakeman
Ogden, Utah

Don Norris teaches some silversmithing classes on line and uses the
disposable propane torches. Check out

Marilyn Smith